Thursday, 22 October 2015

Getting Together

Panocticon got together over ten years ago. Our first meetings were in the Swan Hotel, in Whalley, Lancashire. This is where we began compiling our first collection of short stories, 'Lancashire Tales, Light and Dark.' You will find that the Swan features in one of its stories, 'Out of Time.'
When evening meetings became difficult we moved from the Swan to the Cloisters cafe in the ancient Whalley Abbey. The Abbey provided inspiration for some of our creepier tales, such as 'Lady in White' and by chance (or was it?) provided a very spooky cover for 'Lancashire Tales, Light and Dark.' We had decided on an atmospheric image of the gatehouse, but when the photo came out an unexplained apparition in the foreground which can now be seen on our cover.
When, at length the Abbey's cafe closed, we moved once more, this time to Benedicts deli, cafe and bar, still in Whalley.
That is our current venue, and we are happy to meet anyone with an interest in creative writing there at 9.30 am any Tuesday. So come along. We'll be delighted to share a coffee and a hour of light conversation with anyone who drops by. 

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