Friday, 8 July 2011


Our book, 'Lancashire Tales, Light and Dark' is now available as a download on Kindle
as are FL's collection, 'Short Stories to Read on the Bus'
and SL's 'The Man with Two Heads and Other Stories'  

Each book costs only 77 pence to download (or 99 cents, depending where you live) which is the lowest possible price on Kindle.  We hope to have them available in other ebook formats soon.
Print versions of all three books are also available from and
We can probably do a cheaper deal for the odd single copy if you email us at:
 octoscope @

MW has a collection of short stories nearing completion and we expect these to appear alongside our existing books soon.

FL's short story, 'You'll Never Know' won the 'Bookbite First Lines' competition.
SR's short story, "The Cemetery" won the 'Accrington Observer Halloween Ghost Story' competition.

FL's article,  "All Eight Shining Windows"  is in the Winter 2013 issue of Scribble Magazine and tells how Panocticon was formed and about our creative writing process.

SL's magazine-style publications Tales From the Grave and Tales From Beyond are still available.  There are first-class SF stories by SL FL SR RS and LK including the first episode of WS's serial, Space Cars.  GF and MP have produced some brilliant artwork.   Email octoscope @ gmail . com  for your copy.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Who We Are

We are a small group of enthusiastic creative writers based in Whalley, Lancashire.  We first came together in a Creative Writing Evening Class at Whalley Adult Centre a number of years ago and have been meeting weekly since then.  Our current venue is the Cloisters Cafe at Whalley Abbey where we gather most Tuesdays.  Two years ago we published a book of short stories: Lancashire Tales - Light and Dark.  This is a collection of original fiction that uses our county as a backdrop for the kind of stories you might not associate with northern England, but which reflect the varied styles and passions of our authors.
Our book was considered for the David St.John Thomas Anthology prize, but sadly did not make the cut for the short-list of three.
More lately SL produced a magazine-style publication: 'Tales from the Grave' which was well received and got a good review in SFX magazine.  He is now working on the follow-up: 'Tales from Beyond' - the accent is definitely on SF for this one.
We are   KF  RS  SR  VC  SL MW  FL

Watch this space for more.

You might want to look at our showcase page:

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Here comes Panocticon

Panocticon is making a real effort to get its  work before a wider readership - Literary Agents, too we hope.

We will display selected output here alongside news and comments.